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Website Design & Development

Want a website with the wow factor?

Your website has just five seconds to grab someone’s attention. If it doesn’t look good and make clear what you offer in that time, the chances are that visitors will hop back to the search results and click through to another website.

When you come to Grafixbiz for your web design, we will take the time to get to know you and your business. We’ll find out what you want your website to achieve, who your customers are and what they need to know. We’ll be creative but logical, designing a visually stunning website that also meets your customers’ needs and helps them navigate their way through the site to pick up the phone and make an enquiry or click the Buy button in your online store.



Our web design services

We typically use WordPress when designing websites – this is because WordPress offers a high degree of customisation and an easy-to-use content management system if you want to manage the website yourself moving forwards.


Depending on what website design services you choose, we can work from a specific theme or custom-build a site based on our unique designs.

We will build your website from the ground up so that the structure makes sense to your customers and can grow with your business. We follow search engine optimisation best practice and recommend working from responsive designs that give you a mobile-friendly website from the outset because more than 50% of web searches now happen from mobile phones.


web-developmentWeb development

Of course, if you would prefer us to build your website in something other than WordPress, e.g. HTML, PHP or Joomla, we will be happy to oblige. Our web design services are supported by an experienced web developer who has the technical know-how to make your website perform in the way you need it to. We stay on top of emerging technologies to give you the competitive edge and future-proof your website, so that it can grow and develop with your business.


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web hosting

Need someone reliable to host your website?

If you’re looking for a reliable company for web and email hosting, then Grafixbiz can offer you a choice of solutions, depending on the size and scope of your website. We work with preferred partners to provide hosting services from secure servers based in the UK and Europe for your website, CMS and CRM systems.


Our supported web hosting packages start from just £14.99 per month and include full support and troubleshooting, as well as up to ten email addresses. We can host your website on a dedicated server with the capacity to grow with your business.

Perhaps most importantly, if your website goes down, you can pick up the phone and speak to a real live person.

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