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Start-up Business

Want to make the most of your budget and build a brand that can grow with your business?

Congratulations on your decision to launch a start-up business. We imagine that you’re feeling a mix of exhilaration, determination and an occasional moment of terror at this stage. It’s common to have questions about how you’re going to build your presence, find your customers or even where to start with your brand. What if it all goes wrong?

Ah, yes, but what if it all goes right? What an incredible journey you’re about to begin.

Grafixbiz can help ensure that you start off on the right foot. There’s no getting away from the fact that launching a start-up business is hard work and the costs can mount up quickly. However, we’ve worked with start-up businesses for many years, so we are an invaluable source of advice and support about everything from naming your business and establishing your brand identity to creating a compelling website and using social media to grow your tribe.

We can help you take a staged approach to your brand identity and marketing – you don’t need every marketing tool, brochure or advert immediately – to build strong foundations for your business to grow on in the years ahead.

Whatever your budget, we have flexible services to give you the right assistance for your business, now and in the future. Cherry pick the services that will give your business the best start or choose from one of our start-up packages – the choice is yours.

We can help with your:

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