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Want your brand to reflect your company’s growth?

Now that you’ve grown your business to SME status, you’re probably thinking about managing your growth and making your budgets go further so that you have the financial resources to support your business’s expansion.

For many businesses, this is a time for taking stock and evaluation before moving forwards and evolving. You may feel this is the time for a new direction or want to refresh your brand to reflect where your business is heading; you may want to build on the foundations of your brand or step your marketing up a gear.

Whatever your needs, Grafixbiz is here to support you as you explore new ways to communicate with your customers and raise your company’s profile.

Our flexible approach means that you can either choose from a set design package or pick the services you need you grow your business. You have the option to choose from monthly, quarterly or half yearly packages with ad hoc support when you need it.

We are happy to discuss with you the best ways to maximise your design and marketing budget to support the evolution of your business at this crucial stage.

We can help with your:


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