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Print & Promotions

Want printed marketing materials that make a great first impression?

Even in today’s digital world, there is still a place for printed marketing materials, such as company brochures, leaflets, annual reports, branded stationery, magazines, catalogues, prospectuses, help guides, instruction manuals and much more.

Print marketing can help you stand out from the crowd. Whereas once upon a time customers used to be inundated with snail mail, these days it tends to be the exception rather than the rule and many people view printed materials favourably.

Engage your customers with print marketing

As a customer, there’s something very appealing about being able to sit down with a printed brochure to read about a company, product or service. You can make side by side comparisons with other brochures, scribble notes in the margin, and flick backwards and forwards through the information at your leisure.

When you come to Grafixbiz for your print marketing, we will help you decide where your budget is best spent and what you want your print marketing to achieve. You may find that print marketing works best when used as part of a mixed marketing campaign to support your digital marketing efforts. Of course, this will vary from one campaign to another.

We’ll create high quality branded print marketing that is aimed at your target audience. As with all of our other design services, we combine creativity with a commonsense approach that never loses sight of what you want your printed materials to achieve.

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Print ManagementPrint management

Want expert help to manage a print job?

When clients come to us, they often mention that print management feels like a particularly challenging or overwhelming part of building their brand. Won’t it cost the earth? What paper should they choose? Are they limited to specific printing processes?


Print management has been a core part of our Grafixbiz services for many years. If you need support with any, or all, of your print management needs, we will be happy to help.

We can help you make sense of the many print terms, source quotes from suitable printing firms, advise you on the best materials for your needs and budget, and give you an experienced steer when it comes to the best type of printing for the quantity you need.

Our trusted print suppliers can manage projects of any scope

Thanks to our years of print management experience, we’ve built up an excellent network of trusted print suppliers around the UK. We can ensure your project is successfully delivered on time and budget, whether you need short-run digital printing, medium- to large-run litho printing or a bigger gravuere job.

As with our other services, the support we offer can be tailored to meet your business’s needs, from general advice to full print management.

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exhibition bannersExhibitions

Need to make an impact at a conference or trade show?

Having a presence at a trade or industry-related exhibition can be a great way of boosting your visibility to a targeted audience and having face-to-face conversations with potential customers and sources of referrals.

Exhibition materials that stand out from the crowd

At Grafixbiz, we can supply you with everything you need to stand out from the crowd at trade shows and exhibitions. From promotional materials to literature stands and pop-up or roller banners, we will help you make the biggest possible impact for your budget without compromising your image.

We take a creative approach to help you get the most bang for your buck, designing promotional items that can be used at different events and therefore have a longer shelf-life.

In our experience, exhibition bookings can be fairly short notice sometimes. If you find yourself being offered an unmissable deal, we will do everything possible to deliver the materials you need within a short timeframe. We usually require three days to turnaround exhibition materials from design through to delivery, although we may require five days if you don’t live locally to the chosen printers.

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promotional-itemsPromotional items

Want to treat your customers to some ‘swag’?

If you’re looking for a way to get in front of your customers and be remembered, you may want to consider creating some promotional items for your business. These items – sometimes nicknamed ‘swag’! – are usually articles of merchandise for you to use as part of a marketing campaign.


Promotional merchandise can be used as gifts for your existing and potential customers. You might want to send items out as part of a mailshot or include them in a goody bag for a conference where you’re speaking or exhibiting.

By choosing Grafixbiz for your promotional items, we can design anything from presentation folders, pens and branded post-it notes, to keyrings, name badges, exhibition displays, vehicle livery, vinyl banners and more.

We have a trusted network of suppliers who offer the best prices and quality for your budget.

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