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Get your Google AdWords on!

Any online advertising can be a financial nightmare if you are not sure of who your audience is, what your reach should be, or which country your audience comes from. Google Ads is the prime example of this.

We advise doing a little bit of research before committing to any advertising, especially online advertising as the reach is so much bigger – I know, you’re thinking “no brainer” right? You would be surprised the amount of businesses who go in blindly, either managing themselves without doing

the background work or paying hundreds, and even thousands, of pounds to an agency without really understanding what they are doing. The world of online advertising is getting bigger, more platforms are forcing businesses to pay for exposure so it’s more important than ever to follow a well planned strategy across all your Marketing efforts.

The lovely guys at the Simply Business have worked hard to produce a handy guide and step-by-step instruction sheet to help Small Business owners and Marketers start planning a Google Adwords  strategy.

Click image to open interactive version (via Simply Business).

Google AdWords Infographic

The Small Business Guide to Google AdWords

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