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A different kind of design agency…

NetworkingWe think we are a different kind of design agency. We don’t hide away in our own creative bubble, we get out and network with real people and real businesses. Here at Grafixbiz, we’re just not the prissy, arty-farty kind of creative agency you my have experienced. We firmly believe that inspiration comes from interacting with real people and by getting out there and listening, we are surrounded by ideas, thoughts, experiences that help us be better at what we do. But you won’t find us shouting much about how we are the best creative agency – of course we are – we prefer you to think of us as great people, who have your business interests at heart and not just because of our huge creative egos.

Some of the groups we have been, and are, involved with contain many different types of businesses. They’ve been subscription and non-subscription based, free networking, trade specific communities and online communities – in our eyes, the more the merrier. Not everyone will be your target customer, as the saying goes, ‘people buy people‘ so making connections where you may not ordinarily can be greatly beneficial in many ways. Not only in growing a network of advocates, but also increasing your awareness and appreciation across a wider section of industries and people.

We are proud to know some great creative people – Designers, Photographers, Copywriters, Illustrators, Web Designers, Developers, Crafters and many more creative types but variety is always the spice if life!


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