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How do you chose a web designer?

Websites are the calling cards of every business that you should be proud of! It should provide relevant information in a clear and easy-to-use manner to show your prospective customers and clients what your company provides, and what they can expect from you. Choosing the right web designer to work with you is important.

grafixbiz wireframeWith advancements in the field of Internet marketing and web technologies, the market is flooded with ‘build your own’ sites or cheap website designers. This makes the job of finding the right web design company for you very difficult. However, below are some things to consider when choosing the right company to build your site before you part with your hard earned money.

  • Experience – A web design company with years of experience is undoubtedly competent in understanding customer needs and requirements, rendering relevant solutions. Does their experience span across different industries or is it centred around one in particular? What does your company website need, whistles and bells or something simple? It always pays to go with a company that has varied experiences, in our opinion it shows flexibility and flare across a wider remit.
  • Service portfolio – Along with expertise level, go through the range of service packages provided by the company in every area of web designing. Do they just provide front-end development or do they work with back-end development also? Do they provide SEO support and technical support for your website? The richer the service portfolio of the company, the better the chances of receiving multi-facetted web design solutions under one umbrella.
  • Methods of working- checking on the workflow as well as the work procedures will save you from any unnecessary worries and troubles. Companies that are unorganised and follow complicated workflows will probably demand your presence or delaying web designing and development projects unnecessarily. Talk about their working methods and go with systematic and simplified one. This will save both time and money, and ensure a timely delivery of key milestones right up to the final project ‘going live’.
  • Reputation – Get ready to do a thorough research on the selected companies to know more about who they are, what clients do they work with and what do they say about them. Go through the company website, check their clientele and accomplishments and don’t miss out on their client’s feedback. Alternatively, search over the Internet to find information about the company through online forums, communities and groups. Never trust a web design company without checking its credibility.
  • Cost effectiveness – When you request a quote, be specific about what your company objectives are. If you are unsure you will give a mixed message to any prospective web design company that could cost you dearly in time and money. Don’t be sold something that you don’t need but do look for future growth opportunities and factor those in to the equation – if you just look at today’s needs, tomorrow might mean an unnecessary rebuild of your site which can be vastly more expensive.
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