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The five branded essentials every business start-up needs

The five branded essentials every business-start up needs

You’re off the starting block. You’ve thought long and hard about what you want to tell the outside world about your business and how you would like your potential and existing customers to be able to identify you. Now the fun begins. From our extensive experience of working with business start-ups, there are five branded […]

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Building your brand as a business start-up

Business Start-up

One of the first challenges you face as a business start-up is to decide how you intend to present your business to the world. This means that you need to define your brand and understand how you plan to communicate it consistently to your existing and potential customers. You’ll have to think about everything from […]

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Colour me successful

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Creating a winning brand The right colour palette can literally make or break a brand, failing to grab the trust of it’s audience and lose it’s credability. Just because you like a colour doesn’t mean it will help you succeed with your business and your brand. For the most part, colour has a significance to […]

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